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swiched to xmonad w/o gnome from gnome3

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Jan. 15th, 2012 | 02:42 pm

I upgraded my vaio-p from fedora 14 to 16 a while back as X finally became working w/o any closed blobs, only w/ kernel built-in psb_gfx (thanks a lot alan cox for creating this!) + X fbdev.

In Fedora 16, gnome-shell is the default desktop. Unfortunately, 3D acceleration required for gnome-shell is not available in vaio-p: fbdev + psb_gfx do not support 3D acceleration yet and gnome-shell does not work in native mode (run in fallback mode) until Features/Gnome shell software rendering is implemented in Fedora 17.

Gnome-shell fallback mode works fine but it has some features I don't like, so I finally decided to switched to xmonad w/o gnome env. from gnome + xmonad. To accompllish this, I made ~/.Xmodmap, ~/.Xresources for urxvt (rxvt-unicode), ~/.xmonad/session to start {gnome-keyring-daemon, tayer, nm-applet, ibus-daemon}, ~xmobarrc and rpm specs for tayer and yeganesh (tayer.spec, yeganesh.spec and yeganesh-2.4-build-wo-xdg.patch to build yeganesh w/o ghc-xdg-basedir-devel). And I also updated ~/.xmonad/xmonad.hs works w/o gnome:

Now almost all work fine and I quite pleased with this my new lightweight and very efficient desktop env.

Here is a screenshot:

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